And one week later…

…we’re still here.  So much has happened in seven days.  Last Monday Susan was admitted to the hospital with the plan to get fluid drained from around her lung Tuesday morning and then go home.  But here we are.  Amazing how a week can change things.

Tonight’s update will be brief.  Susan got radiation today on her back as well as her brain.  They did a brain mapping procedure that involved lying on a hard table with a mesh face mask on while they slowly took in details about her brain.  They radiated a wide field to get at both the lesions and the mass under her skull.  We are hoping this treatment will start to help her swallow and talk better.  No results yet, but we may see some progress in the next 2-3 days.

I was able to take the kids shopping for each other this afternoon (our tradition is to take them to the dollar store and let them buy whatever they want for each other’s presents – I know, it sounds kind of cheap.  But they LOVE it.  They each get a basket and walk around by themselves, and try to make sure the others don’t see.)  Then we had a surprise at the door – a group of about 20 Christmas carolers (who all happen to be our friends) serenaded the four of us.  The kids thought that was really cool.  It really picked us all up this evening.

Not much else to report from today.  Radiation will happen tomorrow again, but otherwise, nothing else on the schedule.  I’ll check in with you tomorrow.


11 Responses to “And one week later…”

  1. Cammie Howard Says:

    Now it is getting so I stay up until the update comes out…have been praying for you all so much today! And on a lighter note, can I copy the dollar store tradition? Love it!!!

  2. Brad and Dawn VanHoy Says:

    We are praying for you all!

  3. Steve Ball Says:

    Jerel, you are the standard that all us Dads and husbands aspire to. God bless you for your example.

  4. Catherine Warner Says:

    me, too, Cammie!! Jerel, our church and prayer warriors are covering you and the whole family in prayer!

  5. Shannon Huneycutt Says:

    Oh, my gosh! We had that same tradition at the dollar store. My brothers and I always got each other the funniest gifts. I’m glad the kids had a great time and I wish you all the best in the upcoming days. Hang in there and let Susan know that everyone at Huntersville is thinking about her. Love all of you!


    hey Jerel and Susan – whichever one of you reads this first…know that I am praying for everything. Jenni Marsh passed this on to me…..and I have been reading and catching up as to the events of your lives for the last few years. Know that we will be praying for you all…..I admire greatly your faith amidst this battle. I will continue to read and pray….

    Love to you all –
    LORI (and Dale and Cameron)

  7. jill Says:

    Dollar store shopping is GREAT! We do it every year (same way) and my oldest is in MS! Praying peace and progress in Jesus Name…….

  8. Rob Browne Says:

    I’m a friend of Robin Doolittle with a wife going through breast cancer checking in to say you’re one of my new heroes. So is Susan.

  9. Carolyn Says:

    Jerel, I wish I had miraculous words for you that would make a difference, but I do not. Perhaps knowing that someone in Greensboro is praying for you daily will give you a warm fuzzy. Please know, however, that I believe your updates are making a very positive difference in the lives of many people. Your steadfast faith through all of this is so uplifting to all who read your words. I am the mother of Andrea Rieves. For a while Andrea kept me posted on Susan, then I began reading for myself. Now I too am up every night waiting for the update. My church (Southeast Baptist in Greensboro, NC) has Susan and family on our prayer list and we will continue to lift her up in prayer daily.

  10. Jennifer Davis Wilder Says:

    Jerel- I know it has been years since we’ve had contact. Know that you and your family are in my prayers daily! I don’t know Susan, but now feel like I do a little. Thanks for letting “us” in your private life. Your stories daily are inspiring to so many; myself included. I will continue to call your names when we pray. We serve an awesome God who does all things right and in order!! Merry Christmas to you all and I pray Susan will be strong enough to spend Christmas at home with you and the kids.

  11. Penny Willis Says:

    Susan and Jerel,

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us as you have inspired many. Your love for each other and your children are the standard that should be modeled by others.

    Penny Willis

    Huntersville, NC

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