This will be brief again, because I’m getting ready to head back to the hospital.

This morning Susan was admitted to the ICU after dealing with severe respiratory distress.  Her breathing was really bad all night, and this morning her O2 saturation dropped into the 70s and her heart rate went very high.  She had been very confused and basically incoherent for several hours.  When this happened they took her straight to the ICU where she has been all day.  She’s been pretty sedated there all day with a more heavy-duty oxygen mask and some drugs to help her get more comfortable.  Our family is here.  We don’t know what God has in store but it is clear now that she will not be coming home.  The cancer has been so aggressive and is continuing to run rampant.  Weeks, days, we do not know.  We know, though, that it cannot take her heart, mind, and soul.  I came home tonight to talk with the kids.  They want to see her in the morning.  It is so difficult – I can’t even describe it – but it is clear that God is with them like Susan.

Pray for her, the kids, our family, me – for comfort, strength, healing, peace.

I’ll update tomorrow.  We love you all.



63 Responses to “12.29.10”

  1. Ben of BenandJacq Says:

    Oh man, my heart is heavy for you guys.


  2. Missy Says:

    I am praying for your comfort, strength, healing and peace for you and your entire family. It hurts to know you all are having to go through all of this! I’m so, so sorry!!

  3. Robin Says:

    We love you. We are praying. We know God is holding all of you in His Mighty Hands.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Much love to you Jerel – God is definitely carrying you
    & your family through this tough time!

  5. Susan Walters Says:

    Jerel, We are praying God’s peace on each one of you. You
    all have run the race faithfully and kept the faith. All to the
    glory of God. I can’t figure why it needed to be Susan. I have
    never seen her that she wasn’t smiling. I will continue to bombard
    Heaven with her name, bringing her before the Lord. Thank you for
    loving her so completely.

  6. Catherine Warner Says:

    We are standing in prayer tonight, in grief and heartache with you. All our love to you and the kids.

  7. Michelle Harrison Says:

    Thinking of you and praying for your whole family. We don’t understand God’s plans while on earth, but His plan is perfect and we have to trust in Him. Susan is so proud of you! You are a wonderful husband and father.

  8. Rhonda L Says:

    praying for you and the kids………especially for their visit with Susan. And praying for Susan’s comfort, peace and healing. Your grace in this devastating time is an inspiration to me and to everyone who reads about Susan’s story.

  9. Rich & Stephanie Says:

    With very heavy hearts we are praying for all of

  10. gillian Says:

    Praying – Oh, dear Jesus – give them strength and wrap your arms around this precious family. They are yours.

  11. Joyce Says:

    I just learned of your family today and am heartbroken to
    read this news as I have come to love your family through your
    posts in just a few hours. May the God of Peace surround and
    comfort all of you, whatever is to come. My prayers and thoughts
    are with you. Susan sounds like a wonderful mother and you two are
    obviously an awesome team.

  12. Shayla Says:

    We are praying!

  13. Susan Sanders Says:

    Our hearts are burdened for your family, and we continue to
    pray for you. What a blessing and inspiration you and Susan have
    been to everyone who knows you. May God hold you and comfort you
    and give you strength and peace.

  14. The Paschall family Says:

    When words are insufficient, prayers will have to bridge
    the gap from our hearts to yours. With love and prayers…Haynes
    and Michael Paschall

  15. Nancy Jones Says:

    Susan has been such a witness to her Lord through all of
    this ordeal. He will be faithful to you, her family and give you
    grace above what you can’t imagine. I can’t believe Susan is so ill
    but Her Lord will never never leave her or forsake you, Jerel. I
    love Martha and Bill so much. I do know God’s ways are the best and
    are right. I will pray for you and the children and all the family
    as you watch and God that I have known the family and what Susan
    has meant to all my family – Brent, Carrie, Nicole. My heart is so
    very heavy but I try to keep my eyes on the cross of Christ and not
    the circumstances. Thank you so much for your faithful postings
    during this difficult times/

  16. Tammy Says:

    You have been in our family prayers for so long. Susan is
    in such good hands. It seems as though her doctors have been
    amazing, family has been wonderful, you have been working overtime,
    and of course, God is with her.. and you. Love.

  17. Jennifer Davis Wilder Says:

    I continue to pray your peace and strength! I ask God to heal her in this side if Glory. I know that may not be His will; so ultimately I want you all to live in His perfect will. I continue to stand in the gap for your family. I pray Susan’s pain is minimal and your comfort maximized!

  18. Bob Says:

    Love you guys …

  19. Sam Reyes Says:

    Scott Utesch emailed us. We are praying.

  20. Holly Says:

    You are all constantly in our hearts and prayers. Love

  21. Joe and Jean Says:

    You are an awesome family and we are overwhelmed with
    sadness. We will be praying for the kids’ visit with Susan and
    praying Is. 42:16 for all of you. We love you.

  22. sherrie cockram Says:

    My family prays for Susan, the children and Jerel…all of Susans family…I would wait all day for them to get your lines right Susan….sherrie

  23. Mary Kerrick Says:

    Dear Jerel, I don’t know you but I know Mike Manahan. I
    know how hard it can be watching a loved one deal with cancer. You
    are in my thoughts and prayers. God looks over us and He will guide
    you. I saw your family picture and you have three precious
    children. Please believe me they will give you strength. My
    grandchildren have have helped me in many ways when I lost my
    husband. Sending my prayers your way, Mary

  24. Brent J Says:

    Continuing to pray for comfort, peace, grace to accept God’s mysterious providence … Susan and Jerel are outstanding testimonies of God’s grace for all of us to witness. Love to you all!

  25. Evelyn Dixon Says:

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  26. Susan Rosenblatt Says:

    It’s 3:20am & I felt compelled to let you know someone is praying for all…
    In His Grace,
    Susan Rosenblatt

  27. Susan Rosenblatt Says:

    It’s 3:20am & I wanted you to knpw someone is praying for you all right now…felt like I needed to share that with you.
    In His Grace,
    Susan Rosenblatt

  28. Mike Hurd Says:

    I woke up today with you all on my heart and prayed for
    you. I will be praying throughout the day as well. – Mike

  29. Jill Angell Reynolds Says:

    Jerel, thank you so much for so faithfully posting updates.
    I can only imagine how difficult it is to try to put things into
    words. I am in constant prayer for all of you. My heart is breaking
    for you all. You all are so loved.

  30. steve m Says:

    Lifting my prayers up for all the family.

  31. The Jonases Says:

    The Jonas family is incredibly saddened to hear the most recent news. We will pray for you all – that you feel the warmth, comfort, and prayers of others and the presence of God wrapping your family up and keeping you safe.

  32. Lori Angel Stepp Says:

    Praying for God’s word to speak to you as you speak to your
    children; for God’s people to comfort you and for God’s truth that
    He is your rock and your fortress to strengthen you as you seek Him
    as your refuge. We love you and your family, Jerel! We love Susan
    and pray that she is free from pain and resting in her Savior’s
    love and mercy. “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
    my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield[a] and the horn
    of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior— 2
    Samuel 2:22

  33. Kevin Rayfield Says:

    Wanted you to know that we are praying for you, Susan, and the kids.

  34. Christine Senn Says:


    I will be praying for you and the kids this morning. I pray that positive things will come out of this visit. You have been so faithful to your vows to love “in sickness and in health”. I know Susan would do the same for you…. I am just sorry you and Susan have had to deal with this illness. We may not understand why this is happening, but we do know God’s ways are greater than ours: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55: 8-9) May you feel God’s faithful and mighty presence today.

  35. Tammy Brown Says:

    Praise be to the God and Father our Lord Jesus Christ, the
    Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in
    all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with
    the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2Corinthians
    1:3-4) Praying for peace and comfort for all of you.

  36. Lana Robichaud Says:

    Dear Law Family, I am Amy LePage’s Mom Lana and have met
    all of you. I spent time with Amy last month and saw lovely Bailey
    several times with Rebecca. I just wanted to say that my heart is
    aching for all of you and I have no words but to say that I pray
    God will keep his arms around your entire family and protect you
    with his gentle love. Several of my family members have you in
    their prayers as you travel this unknown journey. I hold your
    family in the deepest of respect and believe that God will hold you
    close to his loving heart.

  37. Carey Says:

    such a heavy heart today as we got home and woke up to read your blog…praying for indescribable peace for you all. We love you!

  38. Katie Robinson Says:

    Praying specifically for Bailey, Luke, and Christopher this morning as they prepare to visit their mom. “In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice;
    In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.” Psalm 5:3
    I pray that each of you would watch the Lord hold up the others, as you have already been seeing Him do, Jerel. That His presence and His peace would be unmistakable. Love Katie

  39. Lynn Marshall Says:

    We are a praying without ceasing for your family. Our hearts are broken. We love you.

  40. Christie Says:

    I just learned about your family and your current
    situation. I will be lifting your family up to our Heavenly Father
    in prayer and will ask my Women’s Small Group to do the

  41. Liz Hardaway Says:

    I will definitely be praying for you and the children to
    get thru this time of need. I will also be praying for Susan to
    have comfort during this time as well. I pray that your family may
    find peace in this time of need.

  42. sheryl Says:

    Sending love!!!

  43. Lynn Says:

    My heart is breaking for your family. I remember those
    conversations with my children when my husband died…I have been
    praying for you all day and will continue to lift you and the
    children up to the Lord in the coming weeks and months.

  44. Natalie Giles Says:

    Bill and have been praying for you, Susan, and the
    children. You and Susan have shown us incredible strength and
    grace. I know this has only been possible because of your

  45. Cammie Howard Says:

    You all are so loved. Please convey to Susan how much we love her and your family!!! Jerel-my heart breaks for you.

  46. Becky Says:

    I am so very sorry and am praying fervently for you and
    your family. Susan and I were in grad school together and I just
    recently learned of her battle with cancer. Please know I will
    continue to pray for God’s peace and comfort in the days

  47. Bernadette Says:

    While you don’t know me, I have been keeping up with your
    posts for some time now. I am a friend of the Hosse family. I just
    wanted to let you know that I continue to pray for you, Susan and
    your children daily. I was saddened to read your update this
    morning and wanted to let you know that I am thinking about all of
    you and praying for you all as well.

  48. Terry Bygate Says:

    Jerel – Brother my heart hurts for you. There is little
    more that can be said. We will continue to pray for comfort,
    strength, healing, peace…

  49. Jeanette Galliher Says:

    Praying for you all….

  50. Kevin Shorter Says:

    I am praying for you and have also tried to spread the word
    for prayer. May the God of comfort, comfort you in the midst of
    your trials. May the Creator God recreate Susan’s body with no
    signs of the cancer.

  51. Melinda Becraft Says:

    Jerel~ I am praying for your family. I know that God can do
    amazing things, and through Susan many have heard what a wonderful
    heavenly father we have. She is an inspiration to us all. I hope to
    be a witness to him, the way your family has been.

  52. Andrea Hausler Says:

    dear jerel, i don’t know you personally but i have met susan through dumc preschool and luke is in my son’s class this year. our family has been praying for susan and your family, as we follow susan’s journey and i am amazed by susan and your family’s grace and relentless faith during this extremely difficult time; you all are an absolute inspiration to me. you have so many people who love all of you and we are lifting you up in prayer right now. sending our prayers and love to you, susan, your beautiful children and family. may the lord continue to comfort and guide you with love and peace today and always.

  53. Cathie Bowers Says:

    I am praying MUCH. Thanks so much for keeping us all informed with the latest. My heart is breaking for each member of the family….

  54. Marion Spears Karr Says:

    Storming heaven for your wife, you, the children, and all connected to you. We have never met but many of my friends know you all and have been keeping us updated on Facebook and through phone calls.

    My heart breaks for you all. God is in this storm. I know. I have been exactly where you are.

  55. Charlotte Lennartz Says:

    It’s very difficult to convey our feelings just know we love you and continue to pray for your entire family.

  56. Tom and Kay Rogers Says:

    I have just read your blog for the past week. What a
    blessing this has to be to all who read it! You are so positive in
    the midst of your heavy heart and tremendous responsibilities. You
    and your whole family have been in our prayers. Thank you for your
    insightful writing, for the Christmas time at the hospital with the
    family together and for the love which shines as you write so
    lovingly of Susan.

  57. Top Posts — WordPress.com Says:

    […] 12.29.10 This will be brief again, because
    I’m getting ready to head back to the hospital.

  58. amy dodson Says:

    Jerel and family, I am in pray for you all tonight. My
    heart is heavy for your pain. Susan is blessed to having you at her
    side and knowing she is well loved the whole time. Please let me
    know if you need anything. I know you have many people there to
    help but count on me if you need anything. In Christ holy name, Amy

  59. Anita Faulkner Says:

    Praying for all of you – for strength and beauty in each
    moment you have together. Prayers for trust that God goes ahead of
    you each step of the way. Praying that “you will go out in joy and
    be led forth in peace.” Is. 55:12 I am remembering so many moments
    of laughter with Susan. Her joy – God’s joy – lives beyond cancer.
    We love you so much.

  60. Pam Hudnall Says:

    I have added your family to my daily prayer request by a FB
    request from Sherrie Cockram. She also included a link to your
    blog. I have been reading this blog and wish I could take your pain
    away. I will continue to pray.

  61. Karin Solomonson Says:

    Dearest Law family, My grandmother passed away 2 years ago,
    but we still get great peace from her daily calendar with thoughts
    of God. Two days ago, when I heard that your family’s battle with
    cancer had begun making a turn for the worse, the page said this:
    “Relationships are eternal: separation does not mean separation of
    our souls. Someone’s leaving feels like the greatest pain we have
    ever suffered. But our relationships do not die; they just change
    form. Faith means knowing that no one is ever really gone.” Please
    know that more people than you will ever even realize are lifting
    every single one of you up in prayer now and in the coming months.
    Peace be with you.

  62. Kristen Gambill Says:

    I am in Sam and Mariet’s grace group in Memphis. I have
    been following your posts and lost my dad from a very agressive
    liver cancer last year, he was 52 , his story was much different.
    One verse, I did feel compelled to share that my dad found comfort
    in hearing his last days was : You, dear children, are from God and
    have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than
    the one who is in the world. John 4:4 Prayers for you and your
    family during this time. It is evident that in this heartbreaking
    time that God is using Susan and you and your family for his glory
    and for a much bigger purpose, I can see that, and I do not even
    know you.

  63. Annette Says:

    Praying for you, Susan, your children and your family.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog and for allowing me to follow
    this journey. Lifting all of you up in prayer for strength, peace,
    and that you will feel God’s love and presence in the coming

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