My sweet Susan went to be with the Lord this morning at 5:30 AM.  She died so peacefully and in her mother’s arms.  We are sad, yes, but so glad that she is with God and in total peace.

I’ll communicate more in terms of arrangements as they are made.  At this point our family is together and needs this time to be with one another.  Thank you for respecting that.

With much love to each of you–



66 Responses to “Susan”

  1. bob and carey Says:

    prayers, tears, and hugs …

  2. Bernadette Simpson Says:

    I am so sad to hear this. My thought and prayers are with you and your family. May you find some peace and comfort from God to get you through this difficult time.

  3. Mark Nemitz Says:

    Your posting from yesterday REALLY touched me, showing your transparency and trust. I hope the words you wrote and the peace you felt when penning those words will continue to comfort you and your family as you celebrate the life of Susan.

    “Not all dreams come true. And you can’t make it out of every storm.

    ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.’ -Psalm 23:4

    God doesn’t promise that all of our dreams become reality. At what point did we start believing this? He is not a genie in a bottle. The promise is His presence. And I will say this – I am feeling His presence in a tangible, practical way today. I know that Susan is too. God is walking with us through the land of shattered dreams and uncontrollable storms. His grace is all over our kids right now. And that will be enough.”

  4. Addison Ayer Says:

    Rand & I will continue to pray for your whole family. May you be comforted in you grief by the love and support of all those who care about you…and your wonderful memories of sweet Susan. With our deepest sympathy,

    Addison Ayer

  5. Jeff Dell Says:

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. I know there is sadness yet comfort knowing that her suffering has ended.

  6. Susan Walters Says:

    My heart is heavy. God bless.

  7. Jeanette Galliher Says:

    May The Lord heal your hearts as He holds Susan in His. She is healed…

  8. kelly hunter Says:

    I am so sorry to read of Susan’s passing. I am glad to know
    however that she is not in any pain or suffering.. I don’t know any
    of your family but have been reading the post for the last month or
    so from several women at our church who’s hearts she has touched..
    Your very inspiring to me Mr. Law.

  9. The Jonases Says:

    Sleep in heavenly peace Susan, sleep in heavenly peace……

  10. Pam Beam Says:

    My heart is heavy. Just can’t find the words to express my sorrow. Love to all.

  11. Darlene Knab Says:

    I just stumbled upon this link through a friend on FB. I
    cannot say how sad we are to hear about Susan’s passing. May peace
    be with you and memories comfort you in the time to come… We
    attended Connection Church with you. You dedicated our children. We
    have finally found a church home and are growing with God. When you
    shared your messages at Connection, I always felt like you were
    speaking right to me, which was comforting. Don’t lose or stop
    using your gift. We have you to thank for our journey in becoming
    closer to God. Maybe it will comfort you to know that…

  12. Robyn Lambert Says:

    I can’t imagine the sadness you and your family must feel
    at this time, but please take comfort in knowing Susan is
    comfortable and in a beautiful place. May God bless you and your
    family through this difficult time.

  13. sherrie cockram Says:

    She is at peace…

  14. Bonnie Howland Says:

    Dear Jerel, It was through a request of Wendy Bezek on
    Facebook to pray for Susan, that I began to read your blog. Please
    know that I lift you and the children up in prayer asking God to
    grant you comfort during your time of loss. Two years ago I lost my
    husband to colon cancer. One thing that will truly get you through
    this difficult time is your faith in God. He has answered your
    prayer in that Susan has been healed. She lives now pain free,
    cancer free and with our Heavenly Father. When my children ask me
    why God did not heal daddy, that is what I tell them. God did heal
    them both and they are living an eternal happiness. We will one day
    be reunited. And that is what gets me through each day, knowing
    that Bill is living an eternal and heavenly life. May your memories
    of your sweet loving wife bring you comfort.

  15. Gina & John Story Says:

    “The Angels gathered near your bed so very close to you.
    For they knew the pain and suffering that you were going through. I
    thought about so many things, as I held tightly to your hand. Oh,
    how I wished that you were strong and happy once again. But your
    eyes were looking homeward to that place beyond the sky. Where
    Jesus held His outstretched arms, it was time to say goodbye. I
    struggled with my selfish thoughts, for I wanted you to stay. So we
    could walk and talk again, like we did – just yesterday. But Jesus
    knew the answer, and I knew He loved you so. So I gave to you
    life’s greatest gift, the gift of letting go.” God Bless you

  16. Gina & John Story Says:

    The Angels gathered near your bed so very close to you. For
    they knew the pain and suffering that you were going through. I
    thought about so many things, as I held tightly to your hand. Oh,
    how I wished that you were strong and happy once again. But your
    eyes were looking homeward to that place beyond the sky. Where
    Jesus held His outstretched arms, it was time to say goodbye. I
    struggled with my selfish thoughts, for I wanted you to stay. So we
    could walk and talk again, like we did – just yesterday. But Jesus
    knew the answer, and I knew He loved you so. So I gave to you
    life’s greatest gift, the gift of letting go. GOd Bless you

  17. Evelyn Dixon Says:

    Ours prayers are with you.

  18. Nicole Jones Says:

    I am so sorry that she is gone. My thoughts are with her mother, her father, her brother, her sister, her husband, her children and all her friends and family. I can only imagine the sadness because she has gone.

  19. Gina Dempski Says:

    Our son Adam Dempski was in your group on the mountain trip
    and talks about you often. We have spent family time in prayer for
    your family this morning. Adam is very worried about Bailey. Your
    post have been amazing and really made us feel part of your family.
    Thank you for the updates. We will continue to pray for you and the

  20. Nancy Jones Says:

    May the peace and grace of God abound with you all – Jerel, the children, Bill, Martha, Brian and Dana. I love your family and truly am saddened for your great loss and Susan’s graduation onto the Glory with her Lord. Our prayers will continue for you all.

  21. Katie Robinson Says:

    We love all of you and we are so sad with you. But also thinking about Susan seeing the place that Jesus has been preparing for her. What joy.

  22. Amy & Joe Says:

    No words can express the sorrow we are feeling for your
    family. An earthly loss like no other but a heavenly gain like no
    other. So sorry Jerel.

  23. Mitch & Mary McCune Says:

    We are so saddened to hear of Susan’s passing. She will be
    missed tremendously. Our prayers & love are with your

  24. Krissy Birch Says:

    I can’t express the sorrow I feel for you and your family,
    though I have never met you. I pray the Lord will continue to bring
    you all peace in knowing Susan is free now. And you all will be in
    my prayers. My heart is broken for you.

  25. Sam Reyes Says:

    We are praying for you.

  26. Melissa Durham Says:

    We are sad to hear for your loss at this time. Are prayers
    and love are with you all this time of loss…we love you all. The
    Durham Family Bob, Melissa, Megan and Autumn

  27. Katie Hartline Says:

    Words cannot express my sorrow-Jerrel praying so many prayers for you
    Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, Dana and Brian…my prayers and love are with you
    All my love,

  28. Charlotte Lennartz Says:

    God has her now and she is at peace! We love you and prayer for peace for you.

  29. Ruth Winn Says:

    May the love, joy, peace, compassion and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ engulf you, and may His grace and mercy support you. We share your sorrow and grief as well as your happiness in knowing Susan is in the everlasting arms of our blessed Savior.

    Ruth and David Winn

  30. Lynn & Tracy Holloway Says:

    Asking Jesus to wrap His strong and loving arms around you…. may His presence fill these days as you honor the gift of Susan’s life….

  31. Traci Browne Says:

    Susan’s life is a testimony to so many, those who knew her and those, like me, who never even met her. May the God of all Comfort be with you. You remain in our hearts and prayers.

  32. Susie Palmer Says:

    Praying for you all. Susan was a remarkable person who
    touched everyone she knew. What a beautiful legacy….

  33. Phillip Howard Says:

    Tearful and heavy hearted, but full of Hope and Faith.
    We’ll remember Susan with warmth in our hearts. And we’ll continue
    to remember you and the kids in our prayers in the days and weeks
    to come.

  34. Kara and Bennett Says:

    We love you, Jerel.

  35. Dan Entwistle Says:

    Even in death, Susan continues to be a blessing as I give
    thanks to God today for her and her amazing spirit. What a
    beautiful woman. As I am writing this, I pray for comfort for you
    and the kids, Jerel. Much love.

  36. Mitch & Mary McCune Says:

    We are very sorry to hear of Susan passing. She will be
    tremendously missed. Our prayers & love are with you and
    your family.

  37. Connie Says:

    I am so sorry—my prayers are with all of you.

  38. Timothy Sayles Says:

    Jerel, my wife and I are praying for you and the kids.
    Sitting here reading these posts has touched us deeply. God bless
    you during this tough time. May you find some peace. This world was
    a better place fro having had her be a part of it. She was always
    extremely kind to my wife and I.

  39. Dave and Carole Henning Says:

    Jerel, Carole and I are praying for you and your children
    and entire family right now and every day… We are very grateful
    for you and Susan. And yes, I know from personal experience that
    God will hold you close through this time. Please let us know if
    there is ANYTHING we can do for you. Dave Henning “weeping may last
    for a night, but joy comes in the morning”

  40. lori childress Says:

    Jerel, I want you to know that yesterday Joe and I had such a strong burden for you and the kids, that we took the day to pray, and cry, all day. We stopped all other activities, and we were on our knees. My 6 yr old said “mommy, are you and daddy going to cry all day?” We said yes, because we are sharing in the sufferings of a brother of ours in Christ, and his family. We have never had that happen to us, where we felt your pain so heavily on our hearts, and we were honored to carry it to the Lord for you and your family. How intimately Christ shares in your suffering. . .anticipating your needs so much, that He is calling saints all over to bear your burdens with you. . . to partake in suffering, if even to a small small degree compared to your suffering. That is such the heart of the Healer, isn’t it? So, we write this so you know that our life did not go on as normal on New Year’s Eve. .. . we were with you in our spirits and hearts, and we were before our Father in prayer and intercession. I don’t know if I have any more tears to cry.

    I loved serving with Susan at Meck. . .we loved serving with you back then. Susan was a gentle spirit like none other. I still have vivid memories of things she said. We have walked through “the valley of the shadow of death” 3 years ago. . . . sat in a hospital after being told our daughter would not live. . . so we feel your pain so vividly in our hearts. We feel the loss of Susan. . . of dreams unmet. We will continue in prayer and we will not forget, I promise. The Holy Spirit will now come, and He takes His job seriously, and he will lead you to the heart of Christ, and to the comfort you must have now. We love you and your precious children. You all are bringing far more glory to God than you will ever know. Love, Joe and Lori And P.S. Susan, would you mind giving a kiss to our two children in heaven?? One is with us now who was a miracle, there were two that God sovereignly took home. We miss them.

  41. Jeannie Says:

    Such a beautiful woman and friend.I was so blessed to know her and can’t wait to see her again one day.Praying for you!

  42. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Susan My sweet Susan went to be with the Lord this morning at 5:30 AM.  She died so peacefully and in her mother’s arms. […] […]

  43. tim and christina lewis Says:

    so much love. so much love. xoxox

  44. Bill and Paulette Welch Says:

    Dear Jerel and family:
    We are so saddened at your loss. We are praying for you all. Your entries have been a beautiful testimony to the faithfulness of God. Thank you for sharing them.
    Love, Bill, Paulette (Hale), Lauren, William, and Zander Welch

  45. Emma Entwistle Says:

    So many thoughts and prayers and love.

  46. Chloe Campbell Says:

    Dear Bailey,
    I’m so sorry to hear your news. When i heard the news i felt that feeling when i first found out my father passed away. I am here to support you. If you ever need anything are just want to hang out let me know. I live around the corner.Your mom was a very nice woman and i will miss her even know i didn’t know her that well. I will prey for you and your family. See you in school.

  47. Anne Bias Says:

    My heart weighs so heavy for your family. I have never meet Susan but, a dear friend had reached out to others for prayer. Please know you have and will continue to be in our thoughts. May her memories live strong and you can rejoice in the celebration of her life.

    The Bias Family

  48. KenDove Says:

    Dear Jerel, You shared our pain with Alan’s Passing and was such a comfort to him and to us. Now , here we are, Joan and I ,knowing the pain and grief you are experiencing. Just know that we are and have been preying for you all, and will continue to do so. You will get through this the same way we did, by the love and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He said He would not forsake us. H hasn’t and will not. Praise His Holy Name! AMEN.

  49. Deanne Says:

    Jerel: Jeff, the girls and I all send our love to you and your children. May you continue to know Christ’s peace as you mourn sweet Susan.

  50. Amy Freeman-Havice Says:

    Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. We
    are so sorry for your loss. God Bless!

  51. Sandi & Joe Fondino Says:

    Dear Jerel, children & family,
    I have never met you, but through my own Life Group was asked to pray for Susan….I stayed up the other night to read every blog she and you had written. I feel a great loss as I got to “know” her through her blogs. What a wonderful and funny person she must have been. As I read each entry, I felt I knew her more and more. I would have loved to have met her. Thank God she had a chance to reach so many people as I am sure she did. My prayers were with you and her in her final days. I know she is at peace now….and my prayers are with you and your family. Please accept our deepest sympathy but also I feel I needed to also celebrate the person Susan was! Wish I had met her to thank her for opening up her life and heart to us all. Sincerely, Sandi

  52. Michelle Harrison Says:

    Susan fought the battle, and the battle is won. Her personality, beauty, and grace will be carried on through your precious children. God bless you during this most difficult time.

  53. Curtis Martin Says:

    Susan’s Song (inspired by the words here on the blog and on FB–about Susan)

    Bright blue eyes, and a smile that hugs you
    A note straight from God, saying “Child, I love you!”
    Truth be told, at times we’ve reached out to God;
    He reached back to us through you.

    Welcoming eyes, and a beautiful spirit
    A person with a light that draws people to it
    “She made me BELIEVE in a way I’d never known before!”
    Making those out of place, feel at home.

    She’s pure sweetness, a reflection of God’s love
    And one of the first to lead me—in true worship of His Son
    Can’t think of another that so reflects his heart
    Glorifying God in all she does.

    She’s amazing, an inspiration
    With obvious love for Jerel—and her 3 babies
    You and Jerel as one, glowed with God’s love
    Together with Baily, Christopher and Luke

    Faithful servant, with a precious, caring heart
    She makes others feel comfort, loved from the start
    In a season of cancer; with intact soul, spirit and heart
    God’s peace flows from Susan—even as she parts

    Bright blue eyes, and a smile that hugs you
    A note straight from God, saying “Child, I love you!”
    Truth be told, at times we’ve reached out to God;
    He reached back to us through you.

    • Curtis Martin Says:

      A few folks mentioned this song at the Celebration Service. Some just saw the lyrics and didn’t know you can watch/hear the song by clicking on my name above–takes you to the youtube post. Hope that helps–

  54. traci zeller Says:

    My deepest condolences on the loss of Susan. I started reading the blog after an email from a friend (I used to work with Dianne), and I have been so moved by the faith, hope and love with which you and Susan have both written. I will continue to pray for you and your family – that you feel God’s presence every minute, as He carries you through this.

  55. Heidi West Says:

    So deeply sorry! You will all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  56. Jon York Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss… I feel your pain and sadness… My wife passed away on Christmas eve 2009 from breast cancer that had spread to her lungs…she was only 36….i know it may not seem like it right now, but just know that it does get easier my brother…my prayers are with you and your children…. God bless…..

  57. The Barnetts Says:

    From many prayer requests posted on Facebook I kept getting links to this blog from mutual friends. I really tried not to look, I knew it would be hard to read. I would open and skim the page and shoot up a quick prayer. Never having met your family, I could get away with this for awhile…until I really read your words and got to “know” you. Your faith in the Lord through this time has truly inspired our family. I am not one to read blogs, let alone post on one, but I want you to know that your family has a place in our hearts. Your family, and your Susan have touched our family. Today we prayed through tears for your family and asked God to let us live each day to its fullest and live with the faith you have shown, even in the hardest times. I wish I could use the beautiful words you have, but just know, from the bottom of my heart, you are loved and in the thoughts and prayers of people you’ve never even met. You have had an impact on our life.

    In Christ,

    Kerri and Will

  58. Jim and Marion White Says:

    We are deeply sorry for your loss and will continue to pray for all of you.

    (John 3:16) For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

  59. Liz Ciardi Says:

    Dear Jerel and Family,

    Though I only met you once, when I attended a service with my Sister Adrienne Guyett. I was touched by you and your wife. My prayers are with you and your family. I pray we find a way, to end the pain, that cancer leaves in it wake.
    That we find a cure. That you and your family find grace in God’s healing hand and that your children will always carry her with them as will you Jerel.

    God bless
    Liz Ciardi

  60. Bonnie DeHaven Says:

    Jerel – I have just learned of Susan’s illness and have just been broken hearted for all of you – 14 years it has been – and yet I feel as if it was yesterday. Praise God for his presence with you all.

  61. Lauren Says:

    My aunt is a friend of a friend of Susan’s, and shared with me your blog a couple weeks ago. Every time I have read it I have been moved to tears and prayed for Susan and your family. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Please know there are many praying for peace that surpasses all understanding for you and your family, and incredible comfort from the Lord. Your writing has inspired me, moved me deeply, and caused me to really love on my husband more and not take him for granted. Thank you for letting God use you in amazing ways.

  62. Karen Thrift Says:

    I only know your family from the blogs. I have cried and prayed and hoped for every need of your beautiful family. I am so thankful you know God and His perfect love and grace. I am so sorry for your loss. But I am so thankful for your faith and the hope that you know you can count on for eternity. God hold you and the whole family so close as you go through this so difficult time. There are no partings in heaven. Your family will be reunited with time WITH GOD. Nothing can top that! God Bless and lead you always.

  63. Michelle Lee Pfaff Says:

    Dear Jerel,
    I have grieved since learning of Susan leaving this world. She is such a beautiful, precious spirit and I know that there had to have been a grand welcoming celebration for her in heaven’s paradise!
    My heart is so sad for you and your sweet children! I am praying for you all and hope that you know that there are so many around you that care tremendously for what heartache you must be going through. May God be with you during these difficult days ahead and may His peace fill your heart.
    Sincerely, Michelle

  64. Shawn Says:

    Got to your blog via a FB post by my friend, Anthony Valenti. I can’t express my sadness, nor my admiration of the strength you are showing by His grace. If it’s any comfort, this has inspired me to share the hope of Christ and eternal life with others who would have no reason to go on in times such as these. You and your family are in my prayers.

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