Susan’s Slideshow

I’m going to keep posting here for awhile. I’m sure at some point I will transition this site or whatever, but I still feel like there is so much more to tell you, if you don’t mind continuing to read with me.

Our great friends Nick and Heather Dooley worked hard on the slideshow that was presented at Susan’s service. Nick uploaded it last night to Youtube and I want to share it with you here:


21 Responses to “Susan’s Slideshow”

  1. Beverly Richardson Says:

    Simply….beautiful. Crying tears of sadness and joy.
    Praying for peace. You have everything else from the Father who
    knows your needs and the desires of your heart. Leave it all at His
    feet. Feel His arms around you as you embrace His love for you all.
    God bless.

  2. Donna Says:

    Just beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Stephanie Larson Graham Says:

    beautiful tribute!

  4. Michelle Setterstrom Says:

    Wow…Jerel, please continue to post here or where ever so that we may follow you and the family’s path to healing! I wish I could have been at the celebration, but I am in Northern Minnesota. I can tell you that I have never been so touched, inspired and uplifted while reading and watching this whole terrible thing unfold and close. Susan and I sang together in the choirs at South Meck and the pictures here of the old days made me laugh. I can’t believe she’s gone, but I’m glad for where she is…every day may get easier, probably not better, but we as your extended family, are here with you always…as is Susan!

  5. Julie Martin Says:

    Yes, PLEASE continue to post your thoughts, feelings, reflections. Jerel, I can’t tell you how much you and Susan’s journey through this has not only impacted me and my family, but also people you have never even met. I repost things on FB and friends I have across the country who have never had the privilege of knowing you guys have been deeply affected. This whole thing has challenged me to wake up and make some serious changes in my life. I hate that this is what it took, but I just wanted you to know that. We are praying for you without ceasing and are here for you in any way you need.

  6. Misty Says:

    Such inspiring love in your family, thank you for sharing, and I hope you continue to. I’ve been so touched by your life journey. I don’t know many people who can pack that much grace, love, and Christ like spirit into their lives like your wife did. I am truly inspired to become a better person.

  7. Amy Carter Says:

    Jerel, thank you for all your posts and sharing your love, sadness and grief with so many of us whose lives have been touched by Susan and your whole family. My life was blessed knowing her. She is the most beautiful, sweet and caring woman I’ve ever known. Words cannot express my sincere sympathy.

  8. Katie Robinson Says:

    Yes, Jerel, please keep posting. Heather and Nick, thank you so much for the gift of this slideshow. You did a beautiful job. Has anyone noticed how many times the word “beautiful” has been used on this blog? She was beautiful, her life was beautiful, all that God has done through her is beautiful …. Praise HIM!!

  9. Andrea Brewer Says:

    Like you said about the movie quote………you and Susan and your family make me want to be a better person. Please continue letting us share in your journey. With Prayer and much respect, Andrea Brewer (Dianne Mitzel’s niece)

  10. Susan Rosenblatt Says:

    Beautiful….thank you for sharing.
    Sending prayers your way,
    Susan Rosenblatt

  11. Nancy Jones Says:

    Thanks for very much for the these pics as I was not able to make it to the funeral. It meant so very much to me and helped clean out my tear ducts. I stand amazed at the good Lord’s blessings on people even now in Susan’s death and how it touches so many. We need to live for him and for today.What will tomorrow bring? Thank you Lord for having the Baileys come into our lives, while we lived in Charlotte and continue to talk on the phone.

  12. Melissa Durham Says:


    So beautiful…please keep posting the journey that you and family is very important to me because I have been so touched by your journey and Susan’s journey! Like I have said before you and Susan have inspired me to be that person that God wants me to be and through your words you continue to do that for me!!!

    Thank you again,



  13. Rhonda L Says:

    Please dont stop………you inspire me and you keep Susan’s legacy alive in so many people. I encourage you to consider other ways to get Susan’s story out there– to people who need to hear it.
    Susan is opening hearts to Jesus every day!

  14. Michelle Harrison Says:

    Please continue to post….you bring comfort to us and hopefully we are doing the same for you in some small way. Beautiful video….I love the “everyday” pictures of the kids around Susan as she is on the laptop or at the park. Those “everyday” moments are the most special.

  15. Annette Says:

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful video tribute to your amazing wife. Please continue to share how you and your family are doing as you continue to celebrate Susan’s life.

  16. Andi Soergel Says:

    A FB friend posted a link to Susan’s blog a couple weeks ago and I’ve been following it since. After I heard of Susan’s passing, I went to the beginning of the blog and read it all. What a beautiful story of Faith. I wish I had had the privilege of knowing Susan because it’s obvious she was a wonderful person. I’ve been praying a lot for your family! I echo what others have said…keep posting so that others can continue to be encouraged by a real Faith being lived out.

  17. Johnny and Trudy Rayfield Says:


    So sorry to hear about your wife, Susan. Although we did not know her personally, I know we would have loved her. What a beautiful family, and what a beautiful testimony of God’s love and care in trying times. God will get you and the children through this. Your tribute to her was very inspiring.

    Kevin has spoke of you from time to time and some of his college experiences with you. I am thankful that he knew you and the other three boys when he was at Chapel Hill.

    God bless you and the family as together you weather this storm in life.

    Johnny and Trudy Rayfield

  18. Sandi & Joe Fondino Says:

    Dear Jerel,
    What a beautiful tribute to Susan. I felt sadness at first, but her smile and eyes seemed “infectious” with joy! I couldn’t help but smile back at her. Thank you again for sharing her journey and yours. Our hearts and prayers are with you all.
    Sincerely, Sandi & Joe

  19. justin barnes Says:

    Love the pic of the two of you in front of the bathroom
    mirror… Ya’ll look snazzy…

  20. Amy Cunningham Says:

    That was amazing.

  21. Finding the Comfort Zone « Susan Law Says:

    […] on a CD together.  Amazing.  The cool thing is, he is right.  This is a song that was used on Susan’s slideshow.  Specifically because she had told me in the past that this was “her wish” for her […]

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