Psalm 100

Not long ago, Susan spent a year reading through the Bible. I think staring her own mortality in the face gave her an even stronger desire to know the God who made her.

I was looking through her marked up Bible today, and came across this Psalm. I’ll let the words – and her markings – speak for themselves.

Love that exclamation point.


10 Responses to “Psalm 100”

  1. lisa Nageotte Says:

    Thinking of your family Jerel. The words you write and the emotions you share are both inspiring and heartfelt. I am thinking of you all this week and hope that each day moving forward that you can find some sunshine.

  2. Traci Browne Says:

    What a precious lady! She truly knew the joy of being a child of God. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I didn’t even know Susan, but my life will never be the same because of her testimony of faith and the life she lived glorifying Him each step of the way. I am a friend of Robin Doolittle’s. She asked us to pray for Susan and your entire family and we have. I was diagnosed last August with breast cancer and am finishing my last chemo on Tuesday. My husband and I have learned so much from your family and will continue to pray for each one of you.

    • sifford Says:

      Hi Tracy if I can be of help to you with the breast cancer
      I would love to talk to you. I was 29 at the time of my diagnosis.
      I am now 45. I know Susan from our neighborhood . What an amazing
      person she was

  3. Michelle Kirby Says:

    I was driving tonight to VA with Joshua in the back of the car sleeping and had a few hours alone just to think of this past week and Susan. I feel so blessed that she came into my life – Jerel thank you for sharing your memories of her. Psalm 100!!!

  4. Katie Hartline Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Jerel…what a treasure to have Susan’s bible..put a smile on my face tonight seeing that exclamation point…praying for you and the kids and I continue to learn from you and from Susan.

  5. Nancy Jones Says:

    I think reading thru the Bible gives us a true picture of what God is showing us. I have done this so many times with a order done by a theologian that provided me with a time line. It is not for deep meditation. Now I take books and really dig deep and get to know my Lord as well as myself. Writing about our feeling and emotions as you and Susan have been doing during this journey will allow you to see where you are now and look back and see where God has taken you. Our trials and temptations make us stronger in the Lord and experience Him in a wonderful and powerful way. No the trials are not fun but we must keep our focus on Him and not the situation.
    God has to carry us – we can not do it. Nancy Jones – Colorado

  6. Lynn Says:

    Jerel – I am praying for you and your children daily. What a comfort that promise in vs 5 must have been to Susan as she faced leaving her children – that God’s faithfulness would continue to your children, the next generation. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Susan’s life has greatly impacted my own relationship with our Lord.

  7. Michelle Harrison Says:

    Jerel, As others have posted I am praying for you and the kids daily. I know today has been hard being one full week without Susan. I know you are comforted to know that she is in peace and glory with our Heavenly Father, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you without her by your side. Please remember that our time on this earth is short, but our time with God in his glorious Heaven is forever. You will be with Susan again. Your children will help you get through the days along with family and friends. Let God carry you through those nights when you are with just your thoughts. Please know that we are all God’s children and that many love and care about you.

  8. Missy Says:

    What an amazingly Godly woman Susan was. As a little girl I loved searching for the markings in my mom’s bible. My mom would always underline and date the passage that she was reading that day when she was needing comfort. I always knew that if it was underlined and dated, that those specific words gave her strength and encouragement to get her through what she was struggling with. For some reason, seeing those markings always gave me comfort. One day Bailey will most likely do the same….

  9. Jilli Says:

    I found this song…that made me think of you and the kids.
    I’m sorry for your hurting and I’m praying for your broken hearts. That God will give you all strength during this sad time.

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