My big news is…

…I have a book deal with Thomas Nelson Publishing.

It’s for a middle grade action/adventure fiction series about a kid who discovers he has powers only angels are supposed to have.

Wow – it’s crazy to even see that sentence in print.  It’s been a long time coming.  Let me give you some background – and this is something not very many people know about me.  I’ve been writing fiction for about 10 years.  I love stories, and back around 2000, I had an idea for a book and decided to go for it.  It was fun (and Susan was gracious to allow me to spend a bunch of evenings working on this) but nothing happened with it.  I tried a few more times with different stories over the next several years, but again, nothing took.

Back in 2009 I had an idea that was a little different for me – something written more for Bailey and Christopher.  I had time (I was on a sabbatical in the fall), and got the idea to the point where I felt like I was excited about it, and I thought it just might have potential in the Christian fiction market.  But I wrote it for them, hedging my bets, not wanting to be disappointed again.

I finished the manuscript in January of 2010, and the kids loved it.  A good sign.  Christopher read it in two nights and came down the stairs saying, “Dad, it’s awesome!”  Blew me away.  Then, through a series of events that I believe was nothing short of God-inspired, it landed in front of the right editor at Thomas Nelson – the largest Christian publisher around.  And in ten short months (ha!), they decided they wanted it.  I received an offer last week.

A couple of things:

1.  I am thrilled. It’s been something I’ve worked hard on, I think it’s a pretty unique idea, and the kids like it and are excited for me.  That’s what we were celebrating with ice cream last night!  It’s been really fun sharing this with them.  I’ve been dying to let people know, but didn’t want to share the news until I had something solid.  I think there will be some great opportunities in this for kids (and hopefully adults too) to ask deeper questions about who God is and what He is like.

2.  Susan was soooooo excited about this for me, and us. Which is why I wanted to put it out on her blog first.  The timing of this is crazy…we talked about this a lot and were looking forward to sharing this together.  There were several times in the fall when I thought we were going to get word, but for various reasons the decision kept getting delayed.  I wanted so badly to talk to her when I got the news.  I’m trusting she already knew, and I know she’s cheering me on anyway.

3.  This doesn’t change what I’m doing with the church. I’m still focused on LKN Church and excited about it.  (And trust me, it’s not THAT kind of contract – where you quit everything and retire to a tropical island to write in a beachside bungalow)  But it does give me something else fun to focus on, and I think it will be good for me to have that in terms of working through the grieving process.

There is a lot more I will share with you along the way – and I’ll be returning to Job and sharing my journey through that.  But it was time to let you know, and let you share in some GOOD news for the Law family for a change.



39 Responses to “My big news is…”

  1. Kara and Bennett Says:

    Wow!! That is amazing and so exciting! Yay!!

  2. Elizabeth Reiner Says:

    It’s the sweetest news. God truly watches over us, Jerel! I am sure that Susan and Clark and smiling down on you and the family! What an awesome praise! God is sooo Good!

  3. Martha Deaton Says:

    It’s what our family calls “A God thing” and I believe Susan knows and if celebrating with you.

  4. Lynn Marshall Says:

    I am so excited for you. You really needed some good news and God knows that.I know Susan would be the first to be jumping for joy. Congratulations!

  5. Cheryl Says:

    Awesome – can’t wait till it’s in print:-)

  6. Beth Says:

    Congratulations! We can’t wait to read it!!!

  7. Julie Martin Says:

    Okay, you are officially Graham’s new BFF. He LOVES that kind of stuff! 🙂 Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  8. Jill Angell Reynolds Says:

    Congratulations, Jerel! You are such a gifted writer and have blessed so many through your words. I am confident that this will be another vehicle that God will use in a mighty way! I may go eat some celebratory ice cream right now in your honor!

  9. Misty Dove Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Alan told me about your book idea and I am soooooo thrilled that it is finally getting published!!! Yay!!! What wonderful news! I know Susan is smiling down on you guys!

  10. lisa Nageotte Says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!This is so exciting for you! Can’t wait to read it!

  11. Carolyn Says:

    Let me just say I am not at all surprised that you have a book deal. You are such an awesome writer. Thanks for sharing the good news with us. I am looking forward to reading your book with my grandson. I continue to pray for you and the kids. Congratulations!

  12. Cammie Howard Says:

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! You go Jerel! I am so excited for you and have been saying over the past few weeks “God is going to use Jerel’s writing”…I just did not know it would be something like this!! Hey-will you sign my copy?????? (-:

  13. Brian Early Says:

    That’s great Jerel. Congratulations! Such great news.

  14. Pam Beam Says:

    Congratulations! Tell Luke you are “Author of the Day”! I’m sure Susan is smiling!

  15. Sheryl Says:

    Wow!!!! Great news!! I can’t wait for it to be on the bookshelves so my so can enjoy them!! God is good !!!!

  16. Catherine Warner Says:

    How wonderful! I can’t wait for Nathan to read it…it sounds like it would be right up his alley. Chris and I are rejoicing with you tonight!

  17. Pam cockrum Says:

    Congratulations! The kids told Megan about it awhile back. They were proud of you and wanted her to know. I’ll update her. I can’t wait till it’s in print. Looking forward to reading it.

  18. Lori Angel Stepp Says:

    that’s great Jerel. I can’t wait to buy your book for my kids.

  19. Barb Says:

    Congratulations! I knew you were a great writer but teenage fiction?!? Awesome!

  20. Addison Ayer Says:

    GREAT NEWS, Jerel! Congratuations on the book deal.
    I am sure that God will continue to use the gifts & talents that he has blessed you with to touch the lives of others in significant ways. Here’s to lots more ice cream celebrations too!

  21. Cecelia Dowdy Says:

    Jerel, I’m an author, took me YEARS TO GET PUBLISHED. I write Christian fiction, too, namely Christian romance. I’m familiar with Thomas Nelson. I really, truly, understand what a big deal this is! Congratulations! I will purchase the books when they are released and I will read them. I do read children’s fiction sometimes, too.

  22. Melissa Durham Says:


    I am so happy for and the kids!!! This is truley God’s doing…and I am sure Susan had a hand in this too!! Congratulations!!! We can’t wait to read this awesome book of yours!!!!!!!!

  23. rosie Says:

    Yay! congrats… can’t wait to read it.

  24. Donna Cameli Says:

    Such exciting news. And how fun for the whole family. Thank you for being so transparent with us. For your honesty. Praying for you constantly.

  25. Steve Says:

    SWEET! We’re so happy to hear this great news. Get the pen ready… you’re gonna have a lot of copies to sign!

  26. Katie Robinson Says:

    Congratulations Jerel! Bill and I are celebrating with you today!

  27. Sandy Says:

    Congratulations!! We’re so excited for you and the kids about this. Nina will need a signed copy. I’ll read it to her until she is old enough to read it herself!!

  28. Ruth Winn Says:

    Praise God! His timing is always perfect! I pray that your books will touch many people, and that God will be pleased and honored with every story.

  29. Charlotte Lennartz Says:

    Absolutely awesome – God’s timing is aways perfect – all the grandkids will want to read it.

  30. Chrisy Hatcher Says:

    This is such incredible news! I am so thrilled for you!! I don’t know about your fiction writing, but your writing on here has been very inspiring! I’m so glad that you have some good news to celebrate! I know how badly you must wish Susan was here to share this with, but I know she is celebrating with you in Heaven and cheering you on!

  31. Mama Henley Says:

    Wow! What incredible news! Please let us know was soon as we can start buying the first book in the SERIES!!! Way to go and praise God!!!

  32. Christie Says:

    Congratulations!!! When we read this tonight right after the C.S Lewis post, my husband said something like, “If Thomas Nelson reads this blog, they’ll want to publish it, too.” Seriously, this writing is amazing and I believe God is using it in ways you’ll never know…well, maybe until you get to heaven….which will be EVEN better than a really awesome book deal! …but in the meantime, what wonderful news! Our oldest son LOVES to read and there is not enough great fiction out there. We’re anxious to check this out!!!!

  33. Suzanne Meade Says:

    GodWinks 😉 LOVE it!

  34. Amy Cunningham Says:

    Funny you should share this now…this weekend I was with a friend from CO. She doesn’t know you but has read several of your blog posts because I hand her my phone and say, “read this”. Anyway…she said, “this is really good book material”. It’s more of the non-fiction adult drama but I am VERY excited for you about your children’s fiction. I am sure Quinn will LOVE it. If it’s remotely close to Adventures in Odyssey, Narnia or any other children’s Christian book. Let us know if you need someone to take a look before it goes BIG TIME!!! Way to go Jerel! I am sure Susan is celebrating with ice cream too 🙂

  35. Joan Rogers Says:

    That is the BEST news!! We are all doing the happy dance and Susan is leading the parade!!

  36. sharon stevens Says:

    I’m so happy for you and the children. I know Susan is smiling down on you.

  37. Adrienne Says:

    Jerel, I am so excited for you and the kids. I am already thinking that Aidan will love it and that it will be a great gift to give his friends. I am so happy for you. Congratualtions!

  38. Kris Little Says:

    Congratulations, Jerel! Loyd and I are very happy for you and the kids…and Susan, who I’m sure is rejoicing with you and for you.
    Looking forward to reading it!

  39. Signing Day « Susan Law Says:

    […] completed contract and was able to sign it yesterday and send it in.  I wrote about it awhile back here, so I won’t bore you with re-hashed details.  In short, it’s a two-book deal that will […]

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