Just a couple of things here to update you on:

1 – I’m taking Luke to Durham Wednesday to go see a doctor about his foot.  He’s had a swollen right foot off and on for almost a year.  It happened in the summer, we did some testing and couldn’t find out what was going on, and it went away.  It then cropped back up in December and is still swollen.  We’re going to see a pediatric rheumatoid arthritis specialist (although bloodwork is somewhat inconclusive at this point, so we’re not sure that’s what it is).  It could also be related to a strep infection, believe it or not.  Please pray for Luke’s foot and the docs.  (And yes, when I said Durham, I mean Duke…..ugh….Luke and I are committed to wearing our Carolina gear there – but it’s one of the only 2 places in the state that have a pediatric focus in this area).

2 – Book update – thanks for all your great emails and well-wishes related to the book, and being excited for us.  We have the deal basically in place and are starting to work on final revisions.  Had a conversation with the editor on Friday and she’s excited.  We seem very much on the same page in terms of our vision for the book and series.  It will be published likely in Spring 2012.  We’re actually still deciding on the final title of the book and series. I’ll let you know when we nail that down.


4 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    I will be praying for Luke!!! So excited for your book to actually be in the stores!!! I know my son will LOVE it!!!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    A series? WOW – that is exciting!
    I will pray, pray, pray and then pray some more for Luke.
    Will you share the name of the song?

  3. Sandy Says:

    Definitely praying for Luke. (Go Carolina!!)
    Can’t wait to see your book in the stores.

  4. Leigh Vlasblom Says:

    I’ll be praying for Luke’s health, but also that you don’t leave wearing dark blue! Remind them that they may be the specialists in pediatric issues, but they still stink at basketball and football 🙂

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