Hey guys –

Been a few days since I have posted.  We spent the weekend in Kinston with our friends Jason and Susan McKnight and their cute boys, Andrew and Daniel.  We had a great time catching up with them and did something I haven’t done in about 25 years…roller skating.  Susan was also kind enough to let Jason and me sneak out to see “The King’s Speech”.  Great movie.  It was really good to sit and talk with Jason and Susan both nights we were there.  Just reflecting on things, remembering stuff about Susan together – it was really good for me.

Jason is the pastor of a great church in Kinston called Grace Fellowship Church.  He asked me to speak Sunday, sharing my reflections on Job, grief, and our journey.  If you’d like to hear the audio, it is on their website:

Several of you have asked about the kids.  They are doing okay…having their ups and downs I’d say.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what is related to missing mommy and what is just normal kid stuff.  I’m not mom…and there are times when I know they are missing what only she can give.  Those are the times when I know it will be God’s grace alone that gets us through this.  Bailey turns 11 Friday, and she and I have the father-daughter dance that night.  Two things I know she is really looking forward to, and at the same time will be difficult without Susan.

I’ll try to post again tomorrow.  Thanks for keeping up with us.


One Response to “Kinston”

  1. Hillary Haynes Says:

    My aunt told me you were in kinston and unfortunately I was there helping take care of Bennett and Kara’s kids. I used to go to Grace and know you were blessed being there!

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