A friend suggested I get Steven Curtis Chapman’s CD recently called “Beauty Will Rise”.  If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a Christian artist who has been around quite awhile.  Susan and I used to listen to a lot of his stuff, especially back in the 90s.  I hadn’t picked up anything of his recently, but once I got this, I haven’t really listened to anything else.  The Chapmans lost a daughter, Maria, in a tragic car accident a couple of years ago, when she was only 5.  The songs all relate to their process of dealing with the loss – their grief, questions, pain, hope, and faith.  It’s an honest picture of someone of faith struggling with loss.

They’ve really spoken to me and encouraged me over the past few days.  I thought I’d share one of my favorite ones here, called “See”.  On my tough days, I’m trying to remember that there will be a day when I see Susan again, where she’ll say “See – it’s everything we thought it would be, and much, much more.”  I can’t wait for that day.

3 Responses to “See”

  1. Jill Angell Reynolds Says:

    Jerel, the book Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman is also very good. I read it shortly after a dear friend committed suicide and it helped me process some of my thoughts. I have two little Asian faces in my family (2 adopted Korean girls) which made it a difficult but sweet read. Mary Beth does a great job of being honest in her grief and process of dealing with her daughter’s death.

  2. Jennifer Goins Says:

    I recently read the book mentioned above. It was great.
    I was so happy to read about Bailey reading her Bible and writing down favorite verses. Precious.
    This weekend Brian and I spoke at a Weekend to Remember and we keep our notes in recycled folders. As I was looking in one folder to prepare for an upcoming talk, I glanced on the inside and saw Susan’s name and phone number written down. This particular recycled manilla folder was from when Bailey and Brantley were in kindergarten together! I had met Susan and wrote her name and number down so we could get together. I welled up with tears with this reminder of Susan and wanted you to know I remembered your sweet wife with fond memories.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    I just finished reading the book Choosing To See yesterday. It was bittersweet – tears and laughter. If you haven’t already read it, I think you would enjoy it.

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