Luke the Lion

Luke gets to play the lead role in his kindergarten play tonight!  He’s excited, has been learning songs and lines, and is ready for the stage.  Both sets of grandparents will be here to cheer him on.  Thought you’d like to see a picture:


5 Responses to “Luke the Lion”

  1. Julie Martin Says:


  2. Amy Murphy Says:

    Hi Jerel-
    I happened to be up at school today while the kindergarten rehearsed and I popped my head in for a few minutes. Luke was AMAZING!! Seriously – he was born to act!! 🙂 I could feel Susan there with him through every line and I know you will ALL be so proud tonight!! Please congratulate Luke for us on his debut!!

  3. Brenda Mason Says:

    Luke looks ready to conquer the world! Brenda mason

  4. Charlotte Lennartz Says:

    How adorable – go Luke!

  5. Carolyn Says:

    You better believe we wanted to see the picture. I LOVE IT! Be sure and let us know how it went. I am so glad for Luke that both sets of grandparents were able to make it.

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