Finding the Comfort Zone

Bailey and Christopher had an amazing experience this weekend at Comfort Zone Camp.  The one word that continues to come back is just – “Wow”.  A friend of ours suggested the camp awhile back, and I’m so glad we made the effort to get them there.  It’s a really cool camp geared specifically for kids who have experienced a significant loss in their lives.  They do a bunch of normal, fun camp stuff (think s’mores, campfires, crazy songs, canoeing, challenge courses, etc) – but then they gather in Healing Circles with other kids their age, and adult leaders, to open up and talk about what’s on their mind, and to help the kids understand how to deal with their feelings.

One amazing thing – it is a one-to-one ratio of leaders to kids.  So Bailey and Christopher both had awesome college-age people hanging with them the entire weekend.  The camp folks called me a few weeks ago and talked to me for about an hour about Bailey and Christopher – all in an effort to understand their stories and make an appropriate match.  I was so impressed by the organization, because it takes a lot of effort to keep something like this running smoothly.

We’ll continue to “debrief” the experience this week and I’m sure I will see ways the experience has impacted both of them.  Just to have some friends who have been through the same thing, some adults who understand what they’re feeling, and some new ways of dealing with their feelings, was so worth it.

To close out the camp, all the parents and kids met together for a closing ceremony.  Kids got up, in groups, and by themselves, and shared what they had learned – through songs, poems, and in other creative ways.  It’s hard to describe how emotional of an experience this was – both for the kids and their loved ones.  Christopher surprised me – toward the end, the camp director called him up front, and he grabbed the microphone and said that he had a song to share.  That when he hears this song he always feels like it is his mom’s words for him.  He came back and sat down beside me, and we all listened to it play on a CD together.  Amazing.  The cool thing is, he is right.  This is a song that was used on Susan’s slideshow.  Specifically because she had told me in the past that this was “her wish” for her kids.

It was an amazing moment.

Here is the song, if you want to listen:


2 Responses to “Finding the Comfort Zone”

  1. Cammie Howard Says:

    Wow! I am so glad Bailey and Christopher got to go to that camp. I just went to the website and that looks like such a cool place. What an awesome idea! I had never heard of it.
    I continue to think of and pray for you Jerel.

  2. Charlotte Lennartz Says:

    What an awesome experience for both Christopher and Bailey – I am so glad they went. Susan has left them a great legacy and they will always know how much they were loved by her.

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