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September 23, 2011

Hi Friends —

I guess this is pretty obvious at this point, but I’m not blogging here much any more.  This probably will be my last post on Susan’s website.  I’m leaving her blog up, of course.  It gives people a glimpse of who Susan was, and the fight she went through with breast cancer.  It is a snapshot of the love she had for her kids, for me, and her family and friends.  Of her love for God Himself.

I’m also leaving it up for our kids.  I want them to read about her, to hear her voice through her posts, to know her story.  I’m so grateful she started the blog, for many reasons, but especially that.  I hope that in ten or twenty years, they’ll still be reading about their amazing mother.

Bailey, Christopher, and Luke – Your mother led the kind of life that allowed blessing to rain down on our family.  Even if you don’t see the things she did now, please know that.  A generation of Laws have been impacted because of the way she loved Jesus, you, and me.  And remember that what you do, right now, with your lives, matters long after you are gone.

If you want to keep up with me, I’ll be doing most of my blogging at  I’ll have personal updates their as well as info related to writing/books.

We continue to grieve the loss of Susan.  Her death has created an enormous hole in our lives…we are slowly coming to terms with it.  It just seems to make sense to let this blog be, and not try to add anything else to it going forward.  I hope you will take time every once in awhile to go back and read Susan’s words here.

Thanks to our friends for their support, prayers, and encouragement.

Peace to you–